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Roulette Rules

Roulette wheels are the cornerstone of most casinos and the focal point of attention for those who play in such land-based establishments for the first time. The game is equally popular over the Internet, mostly because the roulette rules are extremely simple and the payouts as transparent as they get.

The house edge is not exactly the best of all casino games, but still low enough not to have a deterring effect on those who hope to make profits on the long run.


The basic roulette rules revolve around the player's ability to correctly indicate the number, color, or area where the ball will land. All these outcomes have a different payout ratio and there is an unbreakable link between the risks taken by players and the return on investment.

The bets are meant to be placed before the wheel starts spinning, with the croupier being the one who decides when the bets are off. Players are supposed to know when to stop betting, as any abuse of the rules will lead to the forfeit of any profits.

The payouts are made immediately after the ball stops on the roulette wheel, with the best paying wagers being the ones made on inside bets. These ones have the particularity of having a lower win rate, with the most difficult bets being the ones on a particular number. Players who correctly predict such an outcome will increase their investment 35 times, while those who decide to bet on 2, 3 or 4 numbers will receive a lower payout.

The profits are proportional to the chances to win, with the 0 slots being the exception.
All the bets are lost when the ball lands on zero, except for those wagers where the player decided to bet particularly on 0. The ones who are more vulnerable to the aforementioned scenario are those who choose outside bets, such as wagering on numbers ranging from 1 to 18 or 19-36, as well as the red/black or odd/even.

These are the bets of choice for those who frequently resort to roulette strategies, in an attempt of meeting the odds and will need a significant bankroll just to keep growing.

Regardless of the bets chosen, both those who wager on inside and outside bets will have a chance to win that is proportional with the payout. Solid bankroll management, in conjunction with a solid understanding of roulette rules can help a lot on the long run, but there is no miraculous strategy to boost the chances to win.

One thing that players can do is to help themselves to a European Roulette, which has a single zero on the wheel therefore a lower house edge, as compared to the American roulette.

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