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Slots Rules

Slot games are played by the same rules both online and in land-based casinos, with their plainness making them the perfect choice for beginners. Far more important than the slots rules are the payout structures of each game, because based on these lists, players get to know how much they can end up winning.

Depending on casino and slot machines, players can wager as little as a few cents or double-digit amounts, which makes them a good choice for highrollers as well.


Slot machines can have three or five reels, but the rules are virtually the same, because players will need to unveil as many identical symbols as possible, or specific winning combinations. The first slot machines feature three reels and most classical ones uphold the structure, with a total of nine symbols being displayed at one time.

There are more winning combinations when it comes to five reels slots, although winning the jackpot playing such a game is a bit more difficult, for the same reason.

Slots rules dictate that players need to make up their mind regarding the amounts they are willing to invest, before pressing the start button. Once the wager is made, it will all depend on the outcome of a particular spin, but the stakes can be adjusted after each round.

They autoplay feature greatly simplifies matters for those who don't mind putting their gaming on auto pilot, with the same amount being automatically wagered each round.

The maximum amount that one can bet depends on the coin limit and coin size, with highrollers being advised to look for slot machines that have a coin size of $5. This amount varies from one slot machine to the other, but when it comes to slot games that have a progressive jackpot, players are recommended to go for the top value. This is one of the prerequisites for winning the jackpot, with slots rules preventing players from winning the bonus payouts if they didn't bet the maximum amount.

Five identical symbols are usually the ones that trigger the release of top payouts, but players can win with as little as two or three symbols. Besides regular ones, there are scattered and wild symbols present in most modern slot machines, with the former granting free spins, while the latter have the ability to replace regular signs.

Depending on their existence or absence, the payout ratio is also influenced, with the best slot machines offering a 97% win rate, better than what we find in land-based casinos.

The general slots rules are the same and apply to all titles, but some of those available over the Internet also feature special mini-games. These differ from one slot machine to the other, with players usually being invited to make the most of the free spins recently collected or play for an amount that is twice or many times higher than the standard payout.

The downside is that some of these mini-games can lead to the loss of the profits made in the previous spin, if the outcome is unfavorable.

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