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Video Poker Rules

All video poker games have at their cornerstone a title that goes by the name of Jacks or Better, with the rules been tweaked based on different variations.

To some extent, these games are bearing many similarities to Texas hold 'em and other types of poker, with the difference being that they are played in a manner comparable to slot games. The difference between the two genres is that video poker allows players to resort to strategy in order to improve their chances of beating the odds.


As with any other type of poker, the goal is to make the strongest hand possible, or at least one that is superior to the one dealt to your opponent. At the top of the list stands the royal flush, followed by four of a kind, a full house, straight, flush, three of a kind, two pairs and one pair.

On some occasions, the video poker games feature Joker symbols which can replace any card, therefore a new hand is included in the payout structure and it is called five of a kind.

Just as the name suggests, the video poker games demand players to have at least a pair of Jacks to receive a paycheck. There are also qualifying starting hands, with most games only starting when the player has one pair or at least an ace and a King. Before these cards are dealt, players decide how much they will wager and this is why luck plays such a major part is video poker.

You only get involved in the match after the five cards appear on the monitor, with the first decision being two keep and discard some of them. It is entirely up to the players to decide what to do next, based on their expectations, but the general rule say that players should always keep three of a kind and pairs.

The idea is to maximize the chances of winning, rather than pursuing a Royal flush which is an elusive hand, something that applies to a lesser extent to straights and flushes.

Some video poker games carry progressive jackpot in these cases, players are worth gambling a bit but only if their bankroll allows it. The jackpot is awarded to those who make a Royal flush and also wager a minimal amount, a combination that doesn't interest beginners.

A solid strategy, based on the video poker rules is the one where players pursue often gains regardless of value, in an attempt of staying afloat in a game that has a house edge of roughly 5%.

Drawing for a flush or straight is only recommended when you have four connected or suited cards, while open ended straights are a borderline breed. After winning the hand, players get to choose between taking the profits and doubling up, with the latter meaning that they will have to win a short minigame.

The goal is to pick one out of five cards face down, hoping that its value will exceed the dealer's

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